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Watching the Sun Disappear

I just got back from my favorite August event – an epic two-week camping trip that my son and I take every year.  This year we started at the absolutely mystical Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia:     Then … Continue reading

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Women in the Business Panel Podcast

Back in May, I was honored to participate in a panel about the experiences of women in publishing, media, and broadcasting at Balticon 51.  The other panelists were Nuchtchas, Lisa-Anne Samuels, and Veronica Giguere, and John Walker moderated. You can hear the panel … Continue reading

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Filling the Pen

This writing thing can really knock you on your butt sometimes.  Twice this year I got caught up in the maelstrom of negative thoughts, putting so much pressure on myself that I pushed myself to the brink of an abyss … Continue reading

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How My Book Made Me Un-hate Hillary

Warning: This post discusses Sword and Verse and its sequel, and contains minor spoilers for the first book.  Skip it if you hate that sort of thing! They say that reading a book changes you. Writing one does too. When … Continue reading

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Scenes From a Vacation

My son and I just got back from an epic 2-week camping trip to Tennessee and Arkansas.  For 2 glorious weeks, I did not work on anything and did not check even one email.  Here are some pictures from the … Continue reading

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Everything You Want to Know, and Even Stuff You Don’t

I’ve posted a round-up of the most common questions I get about Sword and Verse, my writing process, and my favorite stuff.  Which Hogwarts House would I be Sorted into? Do I write longhand on a computer?  What’s my favorite … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A few things I am grateful for, in no particular order: 1) My family, especially my ten-year-old son, who gets excited about publishing stuff even when he doesn’t understand it and who regularly gives me pep talks without even realizing … Continue reading

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